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Click when you Shop at Amazon to raise money for Alvarado

Did you know that Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to Alvarado? All it takes is one quick click – but you MUST remember to click each time you shop.

Ready to have your shopping benefit the children, teachers, and families of Alvarado?

  1. Bookmark this link: for Amazon
  2. Click the bookmark when you start shopping – or click before you complete your checkout – they still work!
  3. There is no step 3 – you just raised money for Alvarado!


  • Anyone can click these links – friends, grandparents and relatives, co-workers, etc – they’ll all be pitching in.
  • The more people click these links, the higher percentage of purchases that is donated – so please click before you buy, every time.
  • After you click, you’ll see no indication on Amazon that they’ll be contributing to Alvarado – but rest assured, they will!
  • You might have seen the Amazon Smile program – while it also raises money for Alvarado, it raises much less money than the link above.
  • Questions? Contact Alvarado PTA Fundraising Committee member




Register for Summer and Winter Break Camps

When you register via this page on ActivityHero, a portion of your registration fee is donated to the Alvarado PTA.