Earn money for Alvarado by participating in Scrip programs. They cost you nothing, yet a percentage of your purchases is donated to Alvarado. We earned almost $6,000 last year through the Scrip programs run by eScrip, Rainbow Grocery and Whole Foods. Sign up now!


What it is

eScrip is a California corporation that manages a fundraising program that enables many grocery stores, retailers, restaurants and hotels to donate a percentage of your purchases to the school of your choice. Participating merchants include Safeway, Macys, and many others.

How it works

For certain supermarkets such as Safeway, Alvarado earns money when you swipe your registered club card at the register. For other merchants, Alvarado earns money when you pay for your purchases with a credit or debit card that has been registered with eScrip.

How to sign up

The easiest way to enroll or renew club cards, credit cards, or debit cards is through the website. When registering with eScrip, the Alvarado Group ID is 141152059. Grocery card numbers are usually located on the reverse side of the card. If you cannot find your Safeway card number, call customer service at 877-723-3929 for assistance.

The eScrip program is completely free, and it takes only minutes to register cards. And, if you currently receive miles/points for your credit card purchases, you will continue to receive these miles/points after registering these cards. Sign up today with eScrip!

Questions? Email

Gift Cards

This terrific program from ShopWithScrip raises money for Alvarado whenever you shop at over 200 popular retailers, including Whole Foods, Peet’s Coffee, Walgreens, Old Navy and Gap, Amazon, and many more. Participating is simple and free.

Join ShopWithScrip (only need to do this once, takes just a few seconds). Then you can buy gift cards for your favorite retailers and online stores. You will pay for your purchases with your gift cards – or even give the cards as gifts!

How to order Gift Cards:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Click on “Family Sign Up”
  3. Complete the Form (Please choose an active email address. The scrip coordinator will use this email address to contact you when your order is ready for pick up)
  4. Enter the Alvarado Enrollment Code: F5187B8A37777
  5. Decide what gift cards you want to buy, choosing from over 200 retailers shown here.
  6. Add the cards to your Shopping Cart (please choose the “plastic” option for now)
  7. Check out (there is no payment required at this point)
  8. You should see an order confirmation screen with the scrip you ordered
  9. The scrip coordinator will process the order and will notify you by email when your gift cards are ready for pick up at the Alvarado office.
  10. Submit a check – payable to Alvarado PTA – in the total amount you ordered and give it to Carolina or Pati in the Alvarado office. You will receive your card(s) at that time.

Please submit your order at ShopWithScrip by the second Saturday of each month. Scrip ordered after that date will be processed the following month.

Please email our scrip coordinator Dunja Solari (Mom of Zoe, 4th grade) if you have questions about this process.

Whole Foods and Rainbow Grocery Scrip

Rainbow Grocery gives the Alvarado PTA $200 each time we spend $2,000 of their Rainbow Grocery Scrip.

To order Rainbow Grocery cards, please email her directly at You will get a card like a credit card that can be reloaded with scrip.

Whole Foods gift cards can now be ordered via ShopWithScrip – please follow the steps above.

If you don’t want to set up an account, you can email our scrip coordinator (Dunja Solari) with your Whole Foods scrip order. However, if you want to order scrip cards other than Whole Foods, please follow the steps above.